Sunwing offers last minute deals to Gran Caribe
Sunwing offers last minute deals to Gran Caribe

Living in paradise here on Earth can be achieved with Sunwing. The airliner is offering last-minute vacations at a low cost.  You can stay at the Gran Caribe hotel in Havana or the Hotel Gran Caribe Sunbeach in Varadero, Cuba. 

We know what getting a ticket to travel abroad is like. You have to book several weeks in advance. If you decide to book a flight for the next day or a couple of days during high season, the airliner will take advantage of your urgency and you will pay more. But Sunwing, the Canadian low-cost airliner provides last-minute tickets at very low prices. 

The main issue is that these types of discounts for traveling usually are snapped up quickly so it is important to take advantage of them while they are available.  

About the airliner

Sunwing Airlines offers scheduled and chartered flights from Canada and the United States to destinations in the United States, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.   It is presently the second largest tour operator in the Ontario area.  

Their inaugural flight took place in November 2015, a Boeing 737-800 departing from Toronto.  The following year in November, the airliner made their first flight from Montreal. 

The airliner now has more than 50 destinations in the Americas.  One of which is the Gran Caribe hotels in Cuba.  

About the deal

Summer is almost here. But try to book a flight for that time and you will find out that they are either unavailable or too expensive.  Having last-minute thoughts of a well-deserved vacation? Sunwing offers quick vacation packages at no additional cost.