Most effective ways to quit smoking
Most effective ways to quit smoking

The people who smoke cigarettes are very well aware of the fact that it has a very adverse effect on the health but they still do it. It is a habit which is very difficult to get rid of. There’re some people who have been fagging since years & plan to do this for many more years to come.

In case the smokers are quite firm about quitting smoking, there’re a lot of ways in which it can be done.

5 ways which would help you in quitting smoking?

1. Meditate- meditating helps in controlling the mind. It’s very easy to be done and it is very helpful in relieving the mind from the things which you are not supposed to think of.

2. Breathing- it is another way of quitting smoking. With the help of breathe exercises you can control your cravings for nicotine.

3. Have plenty of water- take very small and frequent sips of water in every 5 minutes. It will help you in getting rid of the cravings for smoking.

4. Patch of nicotine- Nicotine patch helps in reducing potency for withdrawal of nicotine. As long as you are wearing the mask you won’t get the craving to smoke. The patch can be worn over the arm.

5. Nicotine Chewing Gum - Nicotine chewing gum is very much similar to nicotine patches, except for the fact that chewing gum can be chewed only for some time. The chewing gum also helps in quitting smoking.