Exercise for Longer and Healthier Life
Exercise for Longer and Healthier Life

Today a human being became a machine and running 24 hours a day even if he is sleeping, his mind is always working. But even young age pass, we all catch by big diseases which could be rescued if precautions were taken on time. Below are few exercises which could help in living a healthy life longer.


  1. Lunges- Here, the body needs to be bent from the knee of one leg which is kept forward and the other leg is positioned on the back. This strengthens the hamstrings and also the various muscles leg and hip muscles.
  2. Squats- The hips and knees need to be lowered in this exercise with the buttocks out in the most basic form. The pressure is built on the upper back in this exercise and is perfect to get the body in perfect form.
  3. Push-ups- These are power filled exercises for men where they need to put the entire weight of the body on the hand in an inclined position, hence toning the muscular biceps and giving a boost to the stamina and building stronger muscles.
  4. Mountain climbers- This are great cardio exercises performed in plank position where the hands are on the floor at shoulder level and the knees of the legs are required to be raised and bent one by one and pressed towards the chest. 
  5. Jump ropes- Start with a few jumps and then increase till 100 jumps, this will increase the heart pumping and also blood circulation to a great extent.
  6. Sit ups- These are the best exercises manoeuvring your abs, hips flexors, rectus abdominis muscles  where the knees are raised and bent in sleeping position. The back needs to be leaned forward as it will raise the entire upper part closer to the bent knees and back again. 
  7. Climbing stairs- Without the need to run outside, the home or the building stairs can be used for cardio exercise, mere two steps ascend and descend for a minute or keeping a count of 50 repetitions can be fine. It is best to shun the lift and depend on the stairs while going to office which can lent a good exercise.