Windmills Generate A Lot Of Energy From Virtually Scratch
Windmills Generate A Lot Of Energy From Virtually Scratch

Windmills typically have a number of vanes that convert wind energy into kinetic energy using the movement of a number of vanes. Windmills were traditionally used to harness the energy and power of wind to pump water or grind grain into flour.

Modern windmills use wind-turbines to provide enough torque in the blades to provide energy to generate electricity. Wind-pumps can be employed to pump water to extract water from wells or to tackle drainage of an area.

Modern windmills are used along with a wind turbine that enables the generation of electricity with the power of the wind. This is being viewed by many scientists as an alternate source of power and energy they had been looking for. The best thing about it is that it banks on the  power of wind, which is a renewable resource, as opposed to the use of fossil fuels whose depletion and non-renewal is for certain.

The first windmill which can boast of doing so was developed by Prof James Blyth from Scotland in 1887. Windmills were quite popularly used in supplying electricity to farms and farmlands in the US in 1930s.

Windmills have certainly changed our lives over the last century. Many improvements have been made in the design and construction of windmills. 

There are to be many more improvements made over the centuries as our needs change, but the basic design and framework of windmills is going to be the same. 

The US government is keen on  spending a colossal amount of money on research into this aspect of power generation. Several farms in California are already in operation that employ these windmills for power generation.

The complete potential of wind and windmills is yet to be realized.